As I sit on a porch in Martha’s Vineyard watching the leaves blowing side to side & the smell the aroma of the ocean sea… I can’t help but to think of the state that our country is in right now from the gun violence our nation is facing to the senseless lives that’s been taken by our own Americans.

I think about how our politics have no boundaries, I think about how black/brown people are not respected or valued on any level how they can be killed at any time just because of their skin color, I think about people being murdered because of their gender/or by their choice of who they love.

I look at children being ripped away from their parents, homelessness is at a new height, mental illness, the suicide rate is gone up.

What is mankind lacking? What the hell is going on in the world? We have NO Compassion or Empathy.

Most people are self absorbed and are narcissistic we have allowed EGO, the love of money and power to take over that we just forgot the basics of The Higher Being that it’s something bigger than all of us.

I don’t know what it will take turn this all around but what I do know is all I can do is keep compassion in my heart and teach my children the same.

I want you all to ask yourselves: what are leading with? And in the end what will matter?  Look at the state of our planet, will it still be here 30 years from now if we continue on this path?

What will the humanity do?

Continue to stand strong,

Andrea Jackson


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