My biggest issue is being loyal to folks staying true by any means necessary even if that means sacrificing myself. Let me tell you, I did it many times over and it has left me downright depressed, resentful, and angry at myself. When do I draw the line. If you have found yourself in this situation… save yourself and stop it.

Ask yourself why are you doing it? Is this relationship fulfilling you?

I suffer from the need to please. It comes from watching my mother trying to make everyone happy first before making herself happy. I finally realize this comes from that. I fear that people may feel I wasn’t true to them. But honestly who cares? If you aren’t being true to yourself.

Part of mental health and freedom is just this – identifying that you care too much what people think which leads to your unhealthy desire to please others before yourself.

Knowing that you’re feeding into bad behavior, into people who you know are not treating you right, yet continue on the path of giving into people who are underserving of your positive energy, kindness and graciousness. I’ve learned that your kindness and graciousness, even when undeserved is good for the soul – yours and others alike.

Always be kind. I will say that you cannot continue to have expectations or any expectations of people who use you or don’t see your worth. You are losing out on your blessing and you’re doing damage to your mental health, your emotional health and spiritual health if you allow your own expectations of others to dictate your life and emotions.

Don’t expect shit and stop being dishonest to yourself. In order to build healthy relationships you also must be honest about your expectations on both sides.

Sidebar: just because I’m a life coach or motivational coach doesn’t mean I’m not still evolving and constantly working on better myself as woman, mother, friend, business woman, and a partner.


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