Look, it’s not easy being a parent. We as parents want everything to be perfect for our children but the truth of the matter is, it probably won’t be. It wasn’t for us, our parents, or our grandparents. The best thing we can do for our children is to be realistic.

I tend to compare my skills as a parent to my mothers skills not only because that’s all I have to really compare it to, but also because I know, from first hand experience what I was lacking as a child and where my mother succeeded. Now that my daughter is a 23 year old woman, she can tell me where I have triumphed and where I have failed. It’s so important for generations to compare notes because that’s how we learn and grow.

Here are some tips to be better communicators as parents:

  1. Learn to listen without judgement by allowing the person you’re speaking with to speak without interruption.
  2. Spend quality time with your children outside of helping them with their school work or otherwise.
  3. Must choose a few times a week to have family dinner. This will help you to get to know one another beyond the parent/child relationship.
  4. Learn to take accountability.
  5. With your children, be as honest as you can rather than as honest as you’re comfortable with.

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