Many times, we get caught up in our careers, in the prestige, the money they bring. Oftentimes, our personal obligations and relationships take a back. I believe this wouldn’t be the case if we considered our legacy. The legacy we leave for our family or simply just ourselves. For many years, I was committed to my finance job, in my role as an Executive Assistant. As a mother of two, I always wanted my kids to have the life and exposure I never had. I wanted them to attend the best schools, experience the world through travel, and eventually attend colleges that’d hopefully lead them to opportunities that I never had access to.

After some time I started to think about legacy, and what that meant for me. I had spent so much time considering and ensuring my kids’ financial legacies, that I nearly forgot about mine. After years and years of the cyclical conversations on whether or not the career field I was in could ensure my legacy, I eventually had my AHA moment. I realized that I needed to follow my true north in becoming an author, life strategist for women, and speaker.

Building a Legacy is so important because it’s something that will live on for generations to come; it’s what your grandchildren and family will remember you by. It’s something that can be passed down to generations. And remember, it doesn’t need to be physical, it can be a mindset. Get a pad and write down the answers to the questions below and start planning out your legacy if you haven’t started to build one already.

What Legacy will you leave behind your name what will be said at your celebration of life?

What will I do to impact the world?

What will I do to impact my family?

Have Impacted the people around me?

What is it that I am passionate about and that you would do it for free?


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