Our Mirror’s Refections Podcast

Our Mirror’s Refections Podcast


I call bullsh*t: Black Sisterhood

This episode sheds light on what black women face in their own tribes. In order for us to truly heal, trust, and become each other biggest supporters, we must address the elephant in the room.



The Devil You Know

We have two guests joining this week’s episode where discuss the removal of Instagram likes, its potential effects on small businesses, influencers, and mental health. Our guests this week are Stephanie Rivera Briana Williams.


Parenting we all struggle at some point

Parenting styles it’s not one size fits all for any child; we must do what it takes to save each of our daughter’s and son. One thing I know we must all share our manuscripts because it takes a village to raise these children and I mean a village. Don’t ever think you have to do it all alone or you can do it alone. We must keep the lines of communication open by any means necessary.


Baby Mamma/Daddy Drama Child Support Issues

I have received many emails regarding this topic but one of my listeners had a very interesting dynamic that I wanted to discuss. Why it’s important for us as parents to settled the score on our own and not in the courts. Who in the end suffers the most.



What legacy will we be leaving behind our name? It’s something we all should be thinking about. As I get older it’s something that’s on my mind all the time- more now than ever.


Separating The Wheat From The Tares

Know your worth so you can follow your purpose. Stop worrying about the things you cannot change. Know your value.


Nick Storm “The Million Case Man

Nick Storm Entrepreneur who’s best known as the marketing mastermind behind the vodka drink Hpnotiq. An intimate conversation on then and now from his old stomping grounds of 21st Street where history was made.


The Concrete Jungle

A beautiful night in the Big Apple for fashion week took a turn and reminded me that the animals in the concrete jungle is still very much alive.


Just kicking it with Charlamagne Tha God

Andrea Jackson sits down with Charlamagne to discuss Mental Health, the power of forgiveness, the importance of family, and why you shouldn’t allow others and ourselves to stunt our growth from past mistakes.


“Tell the NFL we’re in stadiums too”

Beware you may be implicated.



An interview with Khi Harris, Certified Personal Trainer

Khi Harris is a Certified Personal Trainer – “Shut Up & Train”. On this episode we talked about how mental health controls our over all physical health, her advice to people like myself who sometimes struggle to be consistent to work out, and how to follow your passion if you don’t have your finances in place.



Nya B Wilson, Author, Shares Her Story with Us Here on Our Mirror’s Reflections

Nya B, mental health therapist, author, professor and professional speaker, was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Challenged by the duties of teen parenting and a survivor of trauma, Nya has used her story to instill strength and perseverance in others.



How to Show Appreciation for the Men of Color in Our Lives

This episode is a request of my Instagram follower. He is a man of color and he reached out me about what’s bothering him – he said he can’t speak for anyone but himself but he doesn’t like how his sisters are treating him, especially since he fell in love with a white woman. Now here on my podcast I discuss how we can appreciate the good men in our lives.



Motherhood – How to Create a Bond with Our Children and Still Maintain Boundaries

How do we create a bond, manage being friends with our children and still maintain boundaries to do our jobs as moms effectively?



How to thrive through adversity

On this episode, I talk about my tips on how to get past through adversity, my journey to becoming self-aware and living my truth.



Black Love – We Can Do Better

We have to do better by each other… how are we treating our friends? How are we treating our sisters? How we treat each other stems from our own issues and how we see ourselves. This is for my fellow black women, my sisters. Let’s treat each other better. There’s enough room for all of us. There’s enough “success” to go around.



Depression, Shame and Suicide – And What We Can Do About It

This week I’m sharing a story that’s deeply personal to me. A story that I’ve never truly talked about as raw as this: how I lost my sister to suicide and how it hurts me to know that there are so many other people take their own life. What can we do about it? We should be helping out others. Let us speak kindly about other people and try to meet them where they’re coming from because we don’t know what lies behind a smile. If you have depression, if you are undergoing insane amount of stress, please know that there is a way to get out of your current situation. Know your triggers and seek professional help. Don’t succumb to hopeless, fear, shame and don’t think that suicide is the easy way out. Let me know your story, share your story to me so we can bring light to this. Together we can all help one person find their rays of sunshine from an infinite storm they’re going through.



Loyalty and Love

Join me for another episode of my podcast, Our Mirror’s Reflections. I am Andrea Jackson, and I am a motivational lifestyle coach. This week, my topic is about loyalty and love. When you’re being loyal to others, are you being loyal to yourself?



Owning Your Story and Having the Courage to Change the Narrative

I realized I haven’t made a proper introduction about myself, and now with a growing number of followers and listeners THANK YOU for staying and listening to my podcasts, reading my newsletters and connecting with me. Today’s podcast is about why I do what I do. Why do I share these things to you? I want to help WOMEN connect with themselves unapologetically and thrive – which means owning your story from your past – and yet encourage and help you change the narrative if you don’t like how your story is going. When we OWN our story, flaws and all, we can show up better to the world — scars and all, get up in the morning and wear these flaws as badge of honor not because we’re proud of those mistakes but those mistakes from the past made us who we are now — better, stronger, unapologetically authentic.



Take control of your finances

Let’s talk about the importance of staying on top of your finances.



The Journey through the private schools in NYC (PART 2)

Here’s the second part of my podcast on our journey through private schools in New York City, there are great things – and not so great things from a mother’s point of view and how we can help our kids transition and cultivate meaningful friendships in their school.



The Journey through the private schools in NYC (PART 1)

I am so excited about this new podcast which is part 1 of my series for a month where I’m going to be talking about how did I get my daughter and son to get into one of the elite private schools in New York City as a Woman of Color. Listen to my new series and how you can learn from our journey.



How to identify an authentic friendship

When push comes to shove, when life gets so hard and we start reaching out to our “friends”, how many do actually show up to help us the way we ask to be helped? How do these people respect the boundaries we have set for our mental health? It’s time to narrow down our inner circle if we know that the friends we have in our life are just there for the good ride – but never getting out of their way to help us out when it’s INCONVENIENT for them.



On Compassion – On Wendy Williams Story

Let’s extend compassion to other women – we all have things that we are dealing with. We all have our moments and we all have things that we’re not proud of. What’s it going to take for us to say, “I should have heard, I should have listened”?



The Best You Starts With You

Once it’s about you, you’re going to be making it about everybody else. Listen to my podcast on how taking care of yourself: health, own space, and boundaries can make you achieve the best version of yourself. Take time to do something for yourself every day. You’ll thank yourself for it.



Surviving R. Kelly



How important etiquette is in our daily lives?

We should be asking ourselves as adults — do we have etiquette and are we teaching our children etiquette? Do we choose who we show proper etiquette to based only on what we can gain from our own benefits?



Why Do People Get Divorced

The reason why I want to talk about divorce is because it was one of toughest times in my life. It was a time I second guessed everything that I ever done in my life — your world does crumble but you can build it back up. I am here to talk about the steps that I took after my divorce to heal.



My Interview with Lisa Bonner

Listen as she speaks with me, on her insights about life, and pushing hard to overcome adversities. Lisa Bonner is a lawyer, writer, public speaker and an avid traveler.


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