My mission is to inspire women by using my own life experiences and unique sense of “tough” love to help women through their trauma to heal. I teach women how to use their pain from the past as ammunition for their future successes and emotional and mental freedom.

Speaking Topics

Self-Awareness: Our Reflection in the Mirror

How you see yourself in the mirror is integral to your physical, mental, and psychological wellbeing. To have a positive reflection, you need to be self-aware. Self-Awareness is a four-week program comprised of weekly meetings where you and I will discuss the obstacles that hold you back from living your Truth. During this course, you will take your first brave step to self-awareness by mapping out these obstacles, creating a plan of actionable steps to overcome them, and implementing the plan so you can stride down the path you deserve to be on. Contact me now so we can confront your personal mirror and conquer the physical and mental obstacles that stand in your way.
Discover the methods to attain self-awareness through:
• Four 90-minute weekly meetings
• Unlimited texting over the course of four weeks

Rebirth: Learning Forgiveness for Mental Freedom

Sometimes, when the world runs us down, we feel worn and weathered in our skin. When life takes its toll, we pray for rebirth. To be reborn is to be fresh, renewed, and made ready to take on the world. Throughout the Rebirth course, I will help you discover personal freedom. We will create a quarterly, personalized planner to map out the things you find difficult in life to forgive yourself and others for. Our first session will consist of a voice recording that we will play back at the next session so we can decipher the issues and triggers you may have, and the next sessions will be to come up with a plan to overcome the obstacles that deter you from your goals. At the end of this course, you will have a new outlook on life and a newfound understanding of your excellence. Contact me today and we can set up a plan that gives you the gift of freedom.

Discover how to be reborn and free through:

  • Six 90-minute weekly meetings
  • Six 60-minute weekly Skype calls
  • Unlimited texting over the course of six weeks

Mental Muscle Gains: Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Self-Deprecation

To build mental muscle, we must first tear mental muscle. With that considered, we can only make positive change if we break the chains of our old behavioral patterns — despite how difficult that may be. Whether we learned our behaviors from our family, friends, or ourselves, nothing is set in stone — we are surprisingly malleable and each of us harbor the power to change. For you to heal and move forward, you must first understand you are not the cause of your abuse, and that you are no one’s victim. In this three-month course, we will dig deep into the depths of your mind to discover why it’s so difficult to break the cycle of violence. We will create steps you can follow for you to benefit from positive behavioral changes. This course will demonstrate to you that you are unashamedly you, and no one can steal that away. Schedule an appointment with me today and I will work as your mental personal trainer to help you achieve those all-important mental gains.

Discover how to achieve mental muscle gains through:

  • Four 90-minute weekly meetings
  • Four 90-minute weekly Skype calls
  • Four 60-minute weekly phone calls

Unlimited texting over the course of four weeks

Down But Not Out: Building Confidence After Adversity

Low confidence affects all of us at some point in our lives. When life gets on top of us, our egos can get damaged by the weight. Whether we’ve experienced pain through divorce, job loss, sexual abuse, financial difficulties, suicide, poor parenting, or any other unfortunate life circumstance, we must always remember that we have the strength within us to bounce back to our best. Throughout this program, we will unpack each item of your mental baggage and explore your issues one piece at a time. In your own time, you will be encouraged to make voice recordings of your thoughts and feelings that we will listen to in our sessions so that they can be deciphered and worked through. You will also keep a journal to reflect on your past, learn how to own it, and discover how to move forward from it. Contact me now and we will create a foundation of confidence so that you can build yourself into a force to be reckoned with.

Discover how build your confidence through:

  • Eight 90-minute weekly meetings

Unlimited texting over the course of eight weeks

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